OPCA Home Study Course

General Information

The OPCA Home Study Course consists of a blended learning format including:

  • Home Study course
  • Online learning tools
  • In-class review / exam session

All participants must be registered in a Home Study course, allowing sufficient time to complete the course before registering for a review/exam session. Each course is approximately 35-40 hours in length (suggested times, course completion depends on the individual’s study habits). These times are based on theoretical training only. The individual is responsible for completing the practical requirement by arranging to work with a licensed petroleum mechanic. Students can start logging their practical experience/hours once they obtain their PMH certification.

  • PM1 – 1000 hours under the supervision of a PM1 license holder
  • PM2 – 2000 hours under the supervision of a PM2 license holder
  • PM3 – 500 hours under the supervision of a PM3 license holder

TSSA Exam / Application fee

In addition to the application for certification fee of $100, a fee of $95 per examination will be added, including for no shows. This fee is incurred by the OPCA for each student and must be reimbursed by the student on the day of the review/exam session.

2017 Liquid Fuels Handling Code

The 2017 Liquid Fuels Handling Code can be purchased through CSA’s online store at shop.csa.ca. All Petroleum Mechanic course participants must have a 2017 Codebook when attending the in-class review sessions. Codebooks are not included in OPCA course packages and must be purchased separately.


The PMH course is the pre-requisite to the PM1, PM2 and PM3 courses – Individuals must hold a valid PMH license in order to register for PM1, PM2 or PM3 classes.




For Registered Students:

Download the OPCA Student Guide and Review/Exam session details here:


Online Learning Tools

Enrolled students are provided access to OPCA’s online learning platform including video tutorials and quizzes. To ensure students are prepared for the review/exam session they are asked to complete the on-line quizzes before attending the session.  If you have not received your OPCA Learning account information, contact the OPCA at 1-866-360-6722

To Register for Home Study Courses

Please review OPCA’s Home Study Course Policies before registering for any courses

To Register: Download Registration Form

Payment Options: Cheque, Money Order, Credit Card

Classes are scheduled based on demand. It is recommended you register for courses to help us determine our schedules. Students must pre-register to attend any review/exam sessions.

Home Study Course fees
PMH – OPCA Members: $325.00 Non-Members: $525.00
PM1 –  OPCA Members: $500.00 Non-Members: $700.00
PM2 – OPCA Members: $500.00 Non-Members: $700.00
PM3 – OPCA Members: $500.00 Non-Members: $700.00

Not included in the above fees:

TSSA Fee – $195.00 exam / license application fee, including no shows. TSSA documents must be received in advance.

Exam Rewrite Fees
OPCA students can rewrite on the day of regularly scheduled review/exam session for the course they are taking. It is recommended the student attend the review session.

Fee is $295.00 – Paperwork must be received in advance
($100.00 exam fee to OPCA & $195.00 application fee to TSSA)


Upcoming review/exam sessions:  Please register now for Home Study courses to ensure your eligibility in future sessions.

Location: Barrie, ON

2023 Schedule TBA – enroll today to be advised as soon as classes are arranged.

Space is limited. Classes are scheduled based on demand.  Applicants must be registered in an OPCA Home Study Training Course to enroll in review/exam sessions.  Download our updated registration form above.