Cathodic Protection

About the OPCA Cathodic Protection Coursetank

The course supplies the training to determine whether the Cathodic Protection System certified under the ULC-S603.1 Standard on External Corrosion Protection Systems for Steel Underground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids designated as using Factory Attached Anodes and Coatings to provide that protection.

The Corrosion Protection method described in Section 5 of the current CAN/ULC-S603.1-2011 and all previous CAN/ULC-S603.1 Standards. It also covers the monitoring of piping systems that have been protected using the methods designated in Appendices of this Standard where sacrificial anodes have been attached to the piping in the field. The training also provides the training and knowledge required to properly correct deficiencies that may be found during a survey of this corrosion protection system by the addition of new anodes.

The course does not supply information to monitor or correct deficiencies in any other type of Corrosion Protection System that may also use anodes e.g. Impressed Current Corrosion Protection and any other piping system that is not directly serving a storage tank using the ULC-S603.1 Cathodic Protection System.

The Certificate issued by OPCA requires that personnel so certified to renew that certificate every 3 years by presenting copies of their actual survey work and attending a class to demonstrate their practical skills using test kits. The class also brings them up to date on changes that may have occurred in the Standard over the expired time since their last approval.

New Certification

The OPCA offers Cathodic Protection certification training on an on-demand basis. Please contact the OPCA at 1-866-360-6722 or for more information.

Certification is valid for three years – individuals must take a recertification course every three years to stay current.

Individuals attend a full one day class. Includes theory and lab time.
Individuals must study the material ahead of time before attending the class.

Cost: $600.00 plus tax (members) $800.00 plus tax (non-members)

Upcoming Courses

We currently do not have courses for new certification scheduled.

Questions? Contact the OPCA at 1-866-360-6722 or


Individuals with current certification can attend a recertification session to renew. Once complete, individual certification is extended for three years.
Cost: $200.00 plus tax

Upcoming Recertification Sessions

March 6, 2023 – Toronto

To Register:

Online registration is available – Click here to register


Delta Marriott Toronto Airport Hotel – 655 Dixon Road, Toronto