Conferences & Events

The OPCA Annual Conference is held every year in conjunction with The Convenience U/Carwacs Trade Show in Toronto the second or third week of March.

The OPCA started holding their conference in conjunction with the Carwacs Trade Show in 2007 with the intention of making it easier for members to attend both functions.

Carwacs is one of the largest trade shows showcasing the latest products and technology for gas station owners and the petroleum contracting industry with many OPCA members participating in the tradeshow.

Many OPCA associate members also support the OPCA conference via sponsorship, donations and training.

Key manufacturers and distributors come from across Canada and the US to offer OPCA members yearly petroleum equipment recertification.

We also strive to offer members a variety of information sessions, roundtable discussions and engaging speakers every year.

For sponsorship inquires please contact the OPCA directly at or call us toll free 1-866-360-OPCA (6722)


For Carwacs tradeshow inquiries please contact:
Elijah Hoffman
The Convenience U CARWACS Show
Direct: 647-558-0103
Toll Free: 877-687-7321 x1009