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The OPCA and TSSA work together to keep the general public and contractors up date on regulatory information with respect to fuel safety.

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December 2017 – TSSA – New Website
TSSA has recently launched a new website. To ensure you receive their latest updates, subscribe to their TSSA News. Make sure you check the “Fuels” and “E-Notifications” options.  Visit TSSA to subscribe

December 2017 – Icon & Diversified Product Retrofit Sump Boots
As O. Reg. 217/01 for Liquid Fuels requires that equipment and/or components be approved to a Canadian standard, TSSA adopted the UL2447 standard into the latest version of the Liquid Fuels Handling code so that industry would no longer be required to apply for a variance to use Icon and Diversified Product retrofit sump boots. However, UL has withdrawn the file numbers for these components. Both companies anticipate these components will be re-listed to the new standard sometime in 2018. In the interim equipment owners and contractors will have to apply for a variance to use these boots.

Removal of OPW 241TPS & 36S Swivels – Deadline April 13, 2017

The OPW Manufacturer indicates that they had changed the retaining rod material for both the 241TPS and the 36S swivels in 2013; it appears that this change has adversely affected the tensile strength of the retaining rod. While there have been no apparent failures of the 36S swivel, TSSA is requiring that all 241 TPS and 36S swivels manufactured between January 1, 2013 and March 2017 be removed from use.

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A Line of Gas PumpsOctober 2016: Inspection of Liquid Fuel Facilities Prior to Backfill – Ann-Marie Barker, P.Eng, Fuels Engineer, TSSA

Liquid fuels safety is a shared responsibility between professional fuel contractors, owners/operators, fuel suppliers and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). Together, we make a difference in the safe distribution, utilization and service of fuels for customers, consumers and local communities. TSSA’s Fuels Safety Program recently changed the inspection procedure for pre-license and modification inspections in 2015, and I want to share with you some of the key safety features. Read more…

Ann-Marie Barker

Ann-Marie Barker

March 2016: TSSA at the OPCA Annual General Meeting – Ann-Marie Barker and Zenon Fraczkowski attended the OPCA 2016 Annual General Meeting presenting members with updates to the Liquid Fuels Handling Code. Read more…..






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Updates & Bulletins

FS Advisory – Protocol on Fuel Oil Spills and Leaks – October 2014 

Monitoring of Sumps May 2013

Secondary Containment Liners April 2013

Environmental Review Services Form – February 2013

Protection against vehicular traffic – November 2012

MCS Regulatory Amendments to O.Reg 211/01-October 2010

Mobile Refuelling Tanks-LFHC amendment-July 2010

Abandonment of Underground Piping at Liquid Fuels Facilities-March 2010

Environmental Assessment Requirements-Abandoned tanks-March 2010

Recognition of Precision Leak Testing Companies-March 2010

Advisory-Re-use of underground single-wall tanks-March 2010

Approved Equipment for Underground Tank Systems-Dec 2009

Ballasting of Fuel Oil Underground Tanks-Dec 2009

Certificates required for Fuel Distributor Inspections-Fuel Oil-Dec 2009

Inspections of Pressure Tests of Underground Fuel Oil Piping Systems-Dec 2009

Registration Procedures for underground fuel oil storage tanks-Dec 2009

Leak Testing During Commissioning of Underground Tanks – April 2008

LFHC 2007 – Liquid Fuels Code Adoption Document Amendments

Removal of foot Seney valves – March 2014

Appendix A New ULC Standards April 2013

Revisions of TSSA Fuels Safety Code Adoption documents October 2012

Approved Spill Containment Device Equipped with E-Vent June 2008

Blower Operation on Watercraft

Deletion of Req for High Outline Vehicles to Refuel on Outside Islands

Distance for Gasoline to Diesel Dispenser

Full Serve Marinas

Signage at Marinas

Written notification for permanent closure

Fuels Contractor Registration

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