Environment Canada regulations on the storage and loading of petroleum liquids

The Government of Canada is considering a regulatory approach to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions from the storage and loading of petroleum liquids. The objective is to reduce the risks associated with the formation of smog and air pollution in Canada as well as from emissions of carcinogenic VOCs such as benzene.

Facilities such as refineries, upgraders, terminals, bulk plants and petrochemical plants that operate large aboveground storage tanks or truck, rail, or marine loading equipment would be included within the scope of these regulations.

The purpose of this discussion document is to provide background information and to seek stakeholder input on costs, technical standards, potential flexibilities and other elements of the proposed approach.

The Government of Canada is seeking your views on the key elements of the proposed regulations under consideration as described above, as well as seeking other information that would help address uncertainties and inform decision making.

Building on the feedback received on this paper and through consultations, the Government will develop draft regulations.

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