PM Training FAQs

Q: Once I complete my training through the OPCA, what is the next step?
A: You must ensure you have completed the necessary practical skills requirement as indicated in the “Practical Skills/Experience Sign-Off Document”. Once you complete the required hours for the license you are working towards you can then apply to the TSSA for your license.

Q: Once I complete my training through the OPCA, does OPCA provide any practical skill training?
A: The OPCA provides a practical assessment for the PMH module only. The individual is responsible for finding a licensed petroleum mechanic to work with in order to complete the practical requirement for the PM1, PM2 and PM3 license categories.

Q: Along with my OPCA training manual, what materials do I need for the home study courses?
A: The Liquid Fuels Handling Code Book which can be purchased through the CSA. Please visit our Home Study Training section for contact information or your source index located at the front of your OPCA training manual.

Q: What training does OPCA provide for the Petroleum Mechanic license?
A: The OPCA petroleum mechanic course is based on a home study format. Once registered participants complete the training material, they attend a regularly scheduled review/exam session. All reviews are conducted by an OPCA skilled instructor. The instructor provides a general overview ensuring participants have a complete understanding of the course. The participant writes their exam immediately following the review.

Q: I do all the maintenance for Shell and Imperial Oil in Winnipeg. We were told from the government of Manitoba that we need to have a license.
A: Most provinces require training and certification to do petroleum work. Some jurisdictions accept TSSA PM certification such as Alberta and Manitoba. If working outside of Ontario, Petroleum Mechanic Training is also available through the Canadian Petroleum Contractors Association (CPCA). For more information visit the website at

Q: Where do I attend an OPCA review/exam session?
A: OPCA’s review/exam sessions are held in Barrie, Ontario. Students are provided with details of the session location upon registration and confirmation of their review/exam session.