Respect in the Workplace





OPCA and Respect Group are proud to announce an exclusive partnership for members of OPCA.

Respect Group: Empowering people to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD) through interactive, online certification. We all want to ensure the safest, most respectful work environment for all employees, and Respect in the Workplace can help you deliver on that goal. Respect in the Workplace was developed to provide organizations, of all sizes, in any industry, with a standard tool for all employees to combat bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination, and incivility.

Research has shown that an individual’s safety and their ability to concentrate on the job at hand, can be compromised if they are being bullied or harassed.  A civil and respectful workplace, is a safer workplace.

Respect education helps organizations to:

  • Improve organizational culture
  • Create confidence in dealing with difficult issuesrespectgroup2
  • Articulate standards and expectations for everyone
  • Empower the bystander
  • Promote and build psychologically safe workplaces

Upon completion of the program, participants will:

  • Have the tools to prevent BAHD
  • Understand the effects of BAHD
  • Recognize the behaviours in others and themselves
  • Be prepared to react and report situations that arise
  • Be an empowered bystander

Respect in the Workplace features and benefits:

  • Fully bilingual, online delivery model that delivers a consistent message across the organization
  • Cost effective regardless of organization size, or employee geographic location
  • Online, individual training solution that prevents unhealthy group dynamics
  • Engaging instructional design, with expert clips and interactive questions and answers
  • Customizable features; your logo, your corporate photos, your relevant documents
  • Ability to create your own program introduction
  • Pro-active risk and liability tool
  • Printable certificate of completion for all participants
  • 24/7 live bilingual support line


For info and special discounted pricing arranged for OPCA Members contact:

Kevin McLaughlin – Account Manager E: P: 705-471-5851