OPCA Conference Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities for companies.  Thank You For Your Support!

For sponsorship, we recognize our sponsors based on contribution level:

Gold Sponsorship:           $500.00 or Grand Prize contribution of equivalent or higher value (will acknowledge specific grand prizes and value)

Silver Sponsorship:          $300.00 or prize contribution of equivalent value ($300-$500 range)

Bronze Sponsorship:       $100.00 or prize contribution of equivalent value (under $300.00) Prize Draw contributors (we will gladly accept any type of prize, company merchandise etc…)

Draw held at the OPCA AGM

Any level of sponsorship you feel comfortable with will be appreciated.  All sponsor monies donated will be used towards the purchase of prizes and giveaways for the conference.

Sponsors will be showcased on all of our promotional material including:

  •          Conference promotion and registration material;
  •          OPCA website – main page and special conference website;
  •          OPCA signage displayed at the conference;
  •          Literature circulated at the conference including schedules and programs
  •          Canadian Petroleum Contractor Magazine – feature article on the conference highlights (post-conference)

As a thank you, all Gold and Silver sponsors will receive one all-inclusive registration ($200.00+ value).

If you would like to sponsor our event, please contact Michelle Rae at 1-866-360-6722 or michelle@opcaonline.org Thank you for your support!