Join us for the OPCA Virtual AGM on March 3, 2021 at 1pm EST. Length: 60-90 minutes


  • President’s Message
  • OPCA Year in Review Video
  • Financials
  • By-Law Amendments
  • Board Election
  • Q & A
  • Prize Draw
  • Gift for all attendees

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OPCA Year in Review video

Our 2021 video focuses on reflecting on how our members have dealt with the pandemic. Interviews with Claybar Contracting, BGIS, Greenergy, Canada Brokerlink and Kenstruct.

Board Election

The following positions are currently up for re-election

  • Associate Director – Elson Fernandes is retiring from his position. The Board has received a nomination for John Richards of Stem-Can
  • Eastern Region – Bill Rathwell has agreed to stand for re-election
  • Metro Region – Lou Cerruti has agreed to stand for re-election
  • General Member – Ken Jamieson has agreed to stand for re-election

Nominations for the above positions can be sent to michelle@opcaonline.org

By-Law Amendments

The Board of Directors is proposing two amendments to the OPCA By-Laws.

Revision #1

Current clause:

  1. Active Members: Active Members shall consist of business entities, principally engaged in the installation of or modification to petroleum systems in Ontario. To be eligible for membership, a member must:

(b) Have been in business as described above for at least two years, or if a new business, be sponsored by the board of directors for a one-year probationary membership, after which active membership may be continued or renewed only with the written sponsorship of three Active Members of the Association;

Revise to:

(b) Remove

Rationale: Board removed the Board sponsorship option.

Revision #2

Current Clause:

  1. Admission To Membership: Active and Associate Member applicants shall be admitted to membership only in accordance with the following:

(a) An application must be made to the Association office on the official application form;

(b) Any additional information requested by the Association in order to verify whether the applicant meets the criteria for membership must be submitted upon request;

(c) The applicant must be endorsed by at least three members in good standing, at least two of whom must be Active Members;

Revise to

8 (c) The applicant must be endorsed by at least three members in good standing.

Rationale: Board removed requirement that two sponsors must be active members; the Board will accept Associate member sponsors.

New clause – Honorary Membership

The OPCA will create an honorary membership for individuals that have retired from their member company but would like to continue to be involved with the association (i.e. attend conferences etc.).

Conditions of honorary membership:

  • The Board of Directors may confer an honorary membership to any individual in recognition of distinguished service to the Association and industry
  • Candidates must have been a member for a minimum of ten years
  • Maximum of two honorary memberships will be conferred each year
  • Honorary member must be nominated by a member in good standing
  • Honorary members will not have any voting rights
  • Honorary members shall not be required to pay yearly member dues

Honorary memberships will be presented at the OPCA Annual General Meeting.


Submit your questions to michelle@opcaonline.org